The first electronic venture from ryan flynn.


This album is bedroom synthpop. Maybe it was something in Florida water, but during my time there I started playing around with more electronic sounds and robotic autotune effects on my vocals. I was beginning to become hooked on electropop, triphop, downtempo, all of these amazing niche genres that probably had been around for quite sometime but I was only stumbling into now. The sound was so inspiring. 


I didn't have any big intentions with all. It really was the reaction amongst some new friends, some old friends, and just my love for music that got the wheels turning. 

I don't want to charge much for this because it really is an album of no-budget, bedroom recordings. However, I think every artist has an early work that they have a strong spot for in their heart. They usually feel immature and riddled with mistakes, but it's somehow perfect because of that. So, I guess I just want to share these songs and this album as a whole with you because you're part of this incredible journey.


Thank YOU for listening.

An album by ryan flynn.


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