ryan flynn CD

ryan flynn's 2019 eponymous EP, bringing you pure Orb praising space pop power. 


Personally, the self-titled EP has a lot going on within for me. All of the tracks were written a year or more before the EP started to really come together.  My idea with this was to focus on six tracks, fine tune them, set a vibe and sound for the album and get it out there to be a strong tool for ryan flynn.


It's kind of a melting pot of emotions because of things being added in and taken away throughout the course of new homes, new friends, and new goals, while majority of the lyrics remained as part of "the past." I think this EP acts as a perfect introduction to what's to come from ryan flynn; the darkness, the lightness, the groove and the Orb.

Thank YOU for listening.

Music and lyrics by Ryan Cullinane

Mixed by Andrew Cavaciuti

Mastered by Gabe Millman


100% recycled flexi-trays, made solely from recycled water bottles! Comes with two ryan flynn stickers. 

ryan flynn CD

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